Ordering an award from Clarkes

Clarkes Guarantee

Clarkes requires written (email) approval of digital proofs prior to production of your order. A final quality check is performed by hand to ensure that our product is built to specification and quality standards. If we do not deliver your product as approved, we will look after our error quickly at no cost to you. If items are incorrect and approved, we will look after the error quickly, but must do so at your expense.

Art Work Charges

For our standard products there is no artwork charge. Art services are provided at $55 minimum charge and $55 per hour after that if required. Any redrawing of logos will be charged based on the time required to re-draw the logo or the minimum whichever is more. All versions of any redrawn logo will be provided to the client as part of the cost.

Setup Charges

Setup Charges will apply on all custom and special order products.


A 50% deposit is required for all custom orders

Artwork Requirements

Art will be supplied by the client in vector formats, EPS, AI or CDR. Please send all artwork to your customer service representative or to sales@clarkesawards.com

Minimum Orders

There are no minimum order requirements.  Clarkes provides discounts based on the quantities ordered.  Artwork Charges and or Setup charges may apply.


Prices are subject to change without notice.

Production Time

Completion of orders and due dates will be agreed upon by both parties. As Clarkes does not miss due date promises they will not accept orders with due dates that cannot be met.

Fonts for Sand Carving

Clarkes will have the final say as to whether they will use a specified font in sand carving glass crystal or marble. The process has limitations to which we must be aware.

Colour Fill for Sand Carving

Custom colours will be charged a mixing fee. Standard on hand colours will not be charged a mixing fee. A minimum of $20 is charged for any colour fill.

Colour Fill for Piano Finish Wood Plaques, Glass, Crystal or Marble

Clarkes can colour fill on piano finish, glass or crystal plaques only. A minimum charge of $20 for paint fill will apply. Typically colours are metallic gold, silver and copper.

Materials Quality

Clarkes does everything possible to provide the best quality available anywhere.  Some products have inherent issues while other products are limited to the quality available in the supply chain. We inspect every item that comes into our store and adhere to a strict quality standard. When a quality issue impacts a delivery issue Clarkes will communicate immediately with the client. The client will have the final say of how to proceed in this occurrence.